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Niambe McIntosh at MJ Unpacked

Niambe McIntosh

Founder, Peter Tosh Foundation

About Niambe McIntosh

Niambe McIntosh is the youngest child of the revolutionary musician, Peter Tosh. He was a founding member of The Wailers, and activist for equal rights and cannabis legalization. Niambe has stepped up to the mantle to carry on her father’s message and legacy. She serves many roles including the head of the Peter Tosh Estate and Brand; Managing Member of Tosh Holdings LLC; Board Chairperson for the Peter Tosh Foundation Ltd.; Board Member of Minorities for Medical Marijuana; and President of PT Capital LLC.
In 2017, after her brother, Jawara McIntosh, was brutally attacked while incarcerated for cannabis possession, Niambe launched #JusticeForJawara, a campaign geared at raising awareness of the dire conditions faced by prisoners, the persecution of Rastafari, the need for criminal justice reform, and the necessity for legalization of cannabis worldwide.